Mobile phones are now being used for a number of purposes like downloading high amounts of data (audio and video). The spread of 3G/4G networks and high end smart phones is speeding up this trend.  As the use of mobile phones grows, mobile phone bills too are increasing. A more discreet use of mobile phones can help you to save a lot on your mobile phone bills. Below are some of the tips to save on your mobile phone bills:

Select Your Billing Plan Wisely

Selecting the right billing plan is the first step in saving on your mobile bills. Contrary to the general opinion, mobile billing plans are not just about the free calls and data offered. They are designed to suit the needs of different kinds of customers. While some are meant for high users of voice calls others are meantfor heavy users of data and other value added services. Mobile phone companies also offer special plans for users who make more number of long distance calls and frequently roam outside their home networks. Selecting the right package can save a lot of money for you. For E.g. there is no point in using a mobile plan meant for frequent long distance callers when you mostly make local calls within your home circle.

Mobile Calling

Use WiFi

Since mobile phones networks can download data at high speeds, many people now download heavy audio and video files on their mobile phones and tablets. But mobile Internet is expensive and in many countries it is still priced almost double to the wire based broadband. People who frequently use high speed 3G/4G networks end up with high data download charges. A good idea is to use WiFi networks in your home or office and not downloading videos and songs on the expensive 3G/4G networks.

Use International SIMs While Traveling Abroad

For people who frequently travel abroad, international roaming charges are a big concern. A good way to keep a check on these charges is through the use of international SIMs provided by service providers like Matrix. These service providers have tie-ups with a number of global operators and hence provide cheaper international roaming rates. A dual SIM phone can be used to keep both your existing SIM and the special SIM for international roaming up and running all the time.

Use Messaging and Voice Calling Apps


Try to use messaging and voice calling apps like WhatsApp and Skype. Many messaging apps are available for free of cost or for a very nominal price (WhatsApp costs just US$ 1 per year). Many voice apps like Skype which work through VOIP too are now available to make free calls between smartphones. But voice apps work effectively only when high speed Internet access is available. The ideal way to make good use of them is when you are in a WiFi hotspot. Another option is to use free SMS services available online. Though not used by many people now, they are a cheap and better way to send messages for a cheaper price. Online messaging (SMS) services work especially work well while sending group messages to your friends.

Use Special Top-ups like Family and Friends Packs and SMS Packs

Most of the voice calls made and messages sent by anybody will be to a few of their family members, friends, and colleagues. Telecom operators offer special packages where you can call to these selected number of customers for a cheaper price or even free. Dubbed as ‘Family and Friends’ packages, they come with a fixed nominal cost per month. Subscribing to these packages can save you a lot of money.